West Papua group bids for MSG membership

A group seeking West Papua’s independence from Indonesia has applied to become a member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

Delegates of the West Papua National Coalition for Independence met the head of the MSG Secretariat in Port Vila, Peter Forau, to submit its application.

Its Vice Chairman, Dr. John Ondawame, says this marks an historic moment to advance the cause for Papuan independence.

He says West Papua is an inseperable part of the Melanesian group and he hopes acceptance into the MSG will mean that independent Melanesian countries will support its campaign.

The application will now be sent to the MSG’s chairperson, Fiji’s interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Banimarama.

MSG backing for Papua has waned in recent years and two years ago, Indonesia was given MSG observer status despite strong objections by West Papuans.

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One response to “West Papua group bids for MSG membership”

  1. Otto Uropkulin

    Melanesian race are just as unique as other races in the world. They have been divided by the colonial powers and now MSG finds it very hard to bring back West Papuans into Melanesian community……Often times we talk about mouth and the delicious foods stuff to take and how to look after our teeth, but we forget to mention anus and the role it does after eating…it is very shamful to talk about it, but it performs equal task as mouth…you will die if it refuses to release the paste/waste.
    We have potential, we have the task to contribute to MSG to complement MSG vision and missions…it is not logic and unethical to continue ignore the plight of your own people under your door step.

    Native/indegenous W/Papuan.

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